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November 13, 2013
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Starbound - Starberus by Dragonith Starbound - Starberus by Dragonith

Canis antares ("Star Dog")
The loyal herding dog of the Nova Kids, the race of Western influence. Its senses are unrivaled thanks to the cooperation of its three heads.

The name 'Starberus' was coined by human scientists after the name of the mythological hell hound, Cerberus (Before the official naming, Nova Kids simply referred to them as dogs, hounds, mutts, Lassie, etc.). The similarities to Hades' guard dog is spot on, from the three trademark heads right down to the Starberus' flaming body. Fret not, adventurer. This dog will not consume your still living flesh (unless instructed to do so by its owner). While Nova Kids are seen as 'dense as a newborn star', their pets are quite the opposite. Loyal, intelligent, and the ability to sniff out little Timmy from the bottom of the well are traits which are praised by their owners (for the few minutes of their short attention spans). In some scenarios, Starberus are seen as the true owners in the relationship with their Nova Kid masters. The stories of Starberus walking into town to fetch fresh supplies for their forgetful owners are not too far fetched. 

At a young age, Starberus pups only have one head in contrast the the triad of heads adults have. Their body materials are made of the same gas substance as Nova Kids, and as such develop at the same rate as they do. Compared to the adults, pups have a lesser sense of responsibility and would much rather play around all day. As the pups get older, the two remaining heads develop over their fore legs. When all heads have properly developed, it signifies the peak of a Starberus' maturity. The two new heads all sport the same insignia as the original head, but in rare cases have completely different designs. In even rarer occurrences, a Starberus can have just one head develop (dubbed 'Starthrus') or none at all. While their way of thinking is no way affected by this, their senses however are lowered depending on the number of heads that didn't develop.   

When caring for your Starberus, one does not need to be picky when selecting their food. Raw meat is the generally accepted sustenance for Starberus, as the meat itself is cooked up in the digestion process. One could even give Starberus scraps from one's own meals to satisfy them (although this is generally frowned on by other races). Grooming your pet requires a fireproof brush (and gloves) unless one wishes to risk third-degree burns. Take your Starberus out on walks daily (and pick up after their glowing piles of shi-) and make sure they get plenty of exercise. An active Starberus is a healthy one. And now an excerpt from Nova Kid owner, Sagit T. Arius.

"So I reckon y'all're hankering fer a story? Alrighty then! So there I was, mindin' my own business-like when suddenly, my herd of space cattle started going ballistic! I was about ready to mount my trusty steed, Ol' Trailblazer when I darn realized something important: I left her at the last pit stop! Jus' my luck, right? Now, before I went and lost it, Blueberry here leaped from the wagon and started barking a storm at the herd. Outstanding lil' guy! The herd stopped gettin' all spooked and continued grazing on the stardusted field. Hooooie! I woulda been screwed more than a Poptop in a pastry box had it not been for Blueberry. You did a good job that day. Ain't that right, Blueberry?" 


"Urgh, whuzzat? What were we talking about again? Oh, that's right! So I reckon y'all're hankering fer a story..." -S.T. Arius

Image of Starberus pup: [link]

Starberus Dragonith
Starbound Chucklefish LTD
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KarrunaNiara 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
are you planning on adapting your SB creature concepts as mods at some point in the future?
Dragonith 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely. Although for the time being, I've created the Chocobo/MMX mods with a buddy of mine.
Are these just original creatures or are they really in the game?

It would kick many an ass if it was the latter.
Dragonith Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just my own concepts for the time being. 
ClockworkMidnight Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Certainly interesting and cute as can be! Though I'll bet their novakid owners would probably be able to train them to be pretty good guard/trail dogs if they needed them to be. Nice to have a loyal friend who can also burn their bite into the butts of any trouble makers. =D

Makes me wonder what their starter pet will be, it'd be cool if it did turn out to be a dog!
1x1x1x1x Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dis shit looklike coming from the novakid's planet (or a their sun? or was their planet the sun from their system?
I love this guy :3
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